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Jquery toggleAttr plugin, which toggles the (boolean) attribute for each element or, if given a second parameter toggles the attribute of each element to that value, like toggle(bool) and toggleClass(class, bool) do.
$.fn.toggleAttr = (attr, bool) ->
if bool
return @attr attr, attr
if typeof bool isnt 'undefined'
return @removeAttr attr
@each ->
$e = $ @
if typeof $e.attr(attr) is 'undefined'
$e.attr attr, attr
$e.removeAttr attr
$.fn.toggleAttr = function(attr, bool) {
if (bool) {
return this.attr(attr, attr);
if (typeof bool !== 'undefined') {
return this.removeAttr(attr);
return this.each(function() {
var $e = $(this);
if (typeof $e.attr(attr) === 'undefined') {
$e.attr(attr, attr);
} else {
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