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Last active July 22, 2018 19:42
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Bugsnag Notifier (SDK) PRs by tremlab

Bug fix PRs submitted to various Bugsnag open source libraries by tremlab.

Apply meta_data_filters to referer #460

May 5, 2018



Apply metadata filters to referer and headers Referer to redact any values that should be filtered from query params (identical to url cleaning). Added test for redaction in url, referer and headers Referer.

Check if event context is null before assigning #89

Apr 6, 2018



To ensure users can modify the error context in a callback.

Fixing where user & metadata are displayed. #300

Jan 6, 2018



Currently, user & metadata set at initialization are being saved inside the APP tab, rather than in their own separate tabs.

Add needed switch case for severityReasonType #208

Nov 7, 2017



Missing switchcase causing crash for some users.

Adding 'X-Bugsnag-Api' header so that on-prem clients may use this tool #14

Nov 15, 2017



All on-premise users need: http.headers[:'X-Bugsnag-Api'] = "true" to get a 200 response. This header should not interfere with clients using the tool for the Bugsnag cloud API.

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