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Created March 14, 2020 22:01
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Keybase Proof

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am trent-boyd on github.
  • I am trenternet ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASA76hoZPpMUT8dIkPeAMsklhV2OUY9FUN2D_r_8OyNs9go

To claim this, I am signing this object:

  "body": {
    "key": {
      "eldest_kid": "01203bea1a193e93144fc74890f78032c925855d8e518f4550dd83febffc3b236cf60a",
      "host": "",
      "kid": "01203bea1a193e93144fc74890f78032c925855d8e518f4550dd83febffc3b236cf60a",
      "uid": "ec62ac9669c4aaab8bd2def999fd4619",
      "username": "trenternet"
    "merkle_root": {
      "ctime": 1584223235,
      "hash": "4035885de6d590f8b6ab24ce227ba697c2a5e6d8f061b75f10f62f9bdacddc079eed9204486d88c2928d752422c13ec1bcc90d36281ac2d9fd89f69ca3e7dfaf",
      "hash_meta": "f4e20258b32529132ceafbd65c131d45ba8d3dd52e0e1ae21a062b29a34599f3",
      "seqno": 15373908
    "service": {
      "entropy": "UdO2eomuywie5rCBr1OvMKYu",
      "name": "github",
      "username": "trent-boyd"
    "type": "web_service_binding",
    "version": 2
  "client": {
    "name": " go client",
    "version": "5.3.0"
  "ctime": 1584223240,
  "expire_in": 504576000,
  "prev": "87c3dd20ef4ea3c57ff5278c1da4cede59afa67b785d8ad2cf15ef49f516f4b7",
  "seqno": 6,
  "tag": "signature"

with the key ASA76hoZPpMUT8dIkPeAMsklhV2OUY9FUN2D_r_8OyNs9go, yielding the signature:


And finally, I am proving ownership of the github account by posting this as a gist.

My publicly-auditable identity:

From the command line:

Consider the keybase command line program.

# look me up
keybase id trenternet
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