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This demonstrates how piping cached functions into one another automatically sets up an efficient directed acyclic computational graph.
import streamlit as st
import pandas as pd
def load_metadata():
return pd.read_csv(DATA_URL, nrows=1000)
def create_summary(metadata, summary_type):
one_hot_encoded = pd.get_dummies(metadata[["frame", "label"]], columns=["label"])
return getattr(one_hot_encoded.groupby(["frame"]), summary_type)()
# Piping one st.cache function into another forms a computation DAG.
summary_type = st.selectbox("Type of summary:", ["sum", "any"])
metadata = load_metadata()
summary = create_summary(metadata, summary_type)
st.write('## Metadata', metadata, '## Summary', summary)
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treuille commented Sep 30, 2019

You can run this gist directly from the command line with:

pip install --upgrade streamlit
streamlit run

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