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@trevorc trevorc/defwith.clj
Created Mar 23, 2012

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defwith -- sugar for try-finally macros
(defmacro defwith [name finalizer]
(let [bindings-sym (gensym "bindings")
body-sym (gensym "body")]
`(defmacro ~name [~bindings-sym & ~body-sym]
(empty? ~bindings-sym) `(do ~@~body-sym)
(symbol? (~bindings-sym 0))
`(let ~(subvec ~bindings-sym 0 2)
(~'~name ~(subvec ~bindings-sym 2) ~@~body-sym)
(~~finalizer ~(~bindings-sym 0)))))))))
;; for example:
(defwith with-delete
(fn [x] (. x delete)))
(with-delete [tmp ( "tmp" nil)]
(println "temporary file: " tmp))
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