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Trevor Dixon trevordixon

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trevordixon / test.babel.js
Created May 23, 2019
Test async/await/Promise order
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function asyncGeneratorStep(gen, resolve, reject, _next, _throw, key, arg) { try { var info = gen[key](arg); var value = info.value; } catch (error) { reject(error); return; } if (info.done) { resolve(value); } else { Promise.resolve(value).then(_next, _throw); } }
function _asyncToGenerator(fn) { return function () { var self = this, args = arguments; return new Promise(function (resolve, reject) { var gen = fn.apply(self, args); function _next(value) { asyncGeneratorStep(gen, resolve, reject, _next, _throw, "ne
trevordixon / im.go
Last active Nov 24, 2017
Simple command line XMPP instant messaging program that opens a conversation with a single contact
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// Adapted from
package main
import (
trevordixon / pbcopy
Created Jan 20, 2017
pbcopy from remote host in iTerm2
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alias pbcopy="(printf '\033]1337;CopyToClipboard=\7'; cat -; printf '\033]1337;EndCopy\7')"
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const CSS = require('css');
function scopeCSS(css, scope) {
const ast = CSS.parse(css);
for (let rule of ast.stylesheet.rules) {
if (rule.type == 'rule') {
rule.selectors = => `${scope} ${selector}`);
return CSS.stringify(ast);
trevordixon / lds_contacts.js
Last active Jan 17, 2019
This script downloads all of your contacts as a vCard file which can be imported into Google Contacts, MacOS Contacts, and many other contact managers. Sign in to, then open the developer console ( and paste the following code into the console.
View lds_contacts.js
// First, get the unit number.
const getUnitNumber = fetch('', {
credentials: 'include',
.then(response => response.json())
.then(response => response.message);
// Then download all contacts.
const getContacts = getUnitNumber.then(unitNumber => fetch(`${unitNumber}`, {
credentials: 'include',
trevordixon /
Created Jul 3, 2016
Make signed-in requests to from Google Apps Scripts
function example() {
// This cookie is good for many subsequent requests (until it expires)
var cookie = getCookie('[username]', '[password]');
var response = ldsGet(cookie, '');
function getCookie(username, password) {
var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch('', {
View aes.hs
-- AES encryption in Haskell using Simple AES (
-- Example encryption and decryption:
import Codec.Crypto.SimpleAES
import qualified Data.ByteString.Char8 as B
import qualified Data.ByteString.Lazy.Char8 as BL
import Data.Hex
key = B.pack "Thisismykey....."
trevordixon /
Created Feb 1, 2016
Sublime command that replaces repeated lines with a single instance prefixed with a count (much like uniq -c).
import sublime, sublime_plugin
class CountConsecutiveDuplicateLinesCommand(sublime_plugin.TextCommand):
def run(self, edit):
# end and start mark the beginning and end of the current region to replace,
# working backwards.
start = end = self.view.size()
# Preserve trailing newline if last line is empty.
if self.view.line(end).empty():
trevordixon /
Last active Jan 13, 2016 — forked from koraysaritas/
Installing Tmux on Dreamhost tmux dreamhost
trevordixon / convert.js
Created May 15, 2015
Convert LilyBin MongoDB dump to new DB
View convert.js
var Promise = require('bluebird');
const scores = require('./lib/db');
var LineByLineReader = require('line-by-line'),
lr = new LineByLineReader('scores.json');
lr.on('line', function(line) {
var data = JSON.parse(line);
var id = data['_id'];
console.log(id, data.revisions.length);
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