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@trevphil trevphil/nodogsplash.conf Secret
Created Dec 17, 2018

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Configuration for nodogsplash captive portal
GatewayInterface wlan1
FirewallRuleSet authenticated-users {
FirewallRule allow all
FirewallRuleSet preauthenticated-users {
FirewallRule allow tcp port 53
FirewallRule allow udp port 53
FirewallRuleSet users-to-router {
FirewallRule allow udp port 53
FirewallRule allow tcp port 53
FirewallRule allow udp port 67
FirewallRule allow tcp port 22
FirewallRule allow tcp port 80
FirewallRule allow tcp port 443
GatewayName Hotspot
GatewayPort 2050
MaxClients 250
SessionTimeout 0
PreAuthIdleTimeout 10
AuthIdleTimeout 120
CheckInterval 30
MACMechanism block
BlockedMACList none
AllowedMACList none
TrustedMACList none
TrafficControl no
DownloadLimit 0
UploadLimit 0
DebugLevel 5
fasport 8000
faspath /
fas_secure_enabled 0
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