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Using Dropbox to Share Git Repositories

Using Dropbox to Share Git Repositories

First, create a Git subfolder inside your Dropbox folder. Then you can share the individual projects inside that folder with whomever you want (or just use it for instant offsite backups).

From inside a Git project:

git clone --bare . ~/Dropbox/Git/gitproject.git
git remote add dropbox ~/Dropbox/Git/gitproject.git

When you're ready to push:

git push dropbox master

Your Collaborator's View

Your collaborator would work on the project like so (inside the folder where they want their project to live):

git clone ~/Dropbox/Git/gitproject.git

If they want to have a dropbox remote instead of the default origin:

git remote add dropbox ~/Dropbox/Git/gitproject.git

They would then push the same way:

git push dropbox master

To get the other person's changes, it's the standard deal:

git pull dropbox master



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