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Last active September 25, 2021 07:43
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Resend Delete activity about suspended accounts
# Run "bundle exec sidekiq -q tmp -c 32" to run in side of main sidekiq jobs to prevent huge latency on push queue
dry_run = 1 # Change this to nil to run actually
inboxes = Account.inboxes
worker =
worker.sidekiq_options_hash['retry'] = 0
worker.sidekiq_options_hash['queue'] = 'tmp'
processed = 0
Account.local.suspended.find_each do |account|
payload =
serializer: ActivityPub::DeleteActorSerializer,
adapter: ActivityPub::Adapter
json = Oj.dump(!(account))
unless dry_run
worker.push_bulk(inboxes) do |inbox_url|
[json,, inbox_url]
processed += 1
p("Queued #{inboxes.size * processed} items into sidekiq for #{processed} accounts")
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tribela commented Sep 25, 2021

As misskey was ignoring remote users' Delete activity, It is not bad for resending Delete activity for deleted accounts.

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