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Last active July 28, 2019 12:22
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Mpris listener to change yeelight color
import gi.repository.GLib
from dbus.mainloop.glib import DBusGMainLoop
from io import BytesIO
from pprint import pprint
import colorthief
import mpris2
import requests
class LightManager():
API_KEY = '7fb78a81b20bee7cb6e8fad4cbcb3694'
API_URL = ''
YEELIGHT_URL = 'http://sakura.lan:31337/light'
def __init__(self):
player_uri = next(mpris2.get_players_uri())
self.player = mpris2.Player(dbus_interface_info={
'dbus_uri': player_uri})
self.player.PropertiesChanged = self.property_handler
self.last_song = None
def run(self):
mloop = gi.repository.GLib.MainLoop()
def handle_changed(self):
artist = str(self.player.Metadata['xesam:artist'][0])
album = str(self.player.Metadata['xesam:album'])
title = str(self.player.Metadata['xesam:title'])
if (artist, album, title) != self.last_song:
print(f'{artist} - {album} - {title}')
self.last_song = (artist, album, title)
cover = self.get_lastfm_cover(artist, album)
if not cover:
color = self.get_colorcode(cover)
def property_handler(self, *args, **kwargs):
data = args[1]
if 'Metadata' in data:
def change_color(self, color):
resp =, {
'rgb': color
def get_lastfm_cover(cls, artist, album):
res = requests.get(cls.API_URL, {
'method': 'album.getInfo',
'artist': artist,
'album': album,
'api_key': cls.API_KEY,
'format': 'json',
if 'error' in res:
return res['album']['image'][-1]['#text']
def get_colorcode(image_url):
resp = requests.get(image_url)
file = BytesIO(resp.content)
ct = colorthief.ColorThief(file)
r, g, b = ct.get_color()
print('Color: {:02x}{:02x}{:02x}'.format(r, g, b))
r //= 2
print('Color (Adjusted): {:02x}{:02x}{:02x}'.format(r, g, b))
return '{:02x}{:02x}{:02x}'.format(r, g, b)
lm = LightManager()
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