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Last active May 29, 2019

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Webpack plugin which injects code, module dependency and async context to each chunk

I'm writing a webpack plugin, which should generate message catalogs for each chunk.

I know how to split main message catalog by inspecting modules inside chunk.

In build folder, I have:


where [chunkName].[locale].js is just exported JSON.

I have a file, which knows how to load these message catalogs. Path to this module is passed in webpack plugin. The file looks like this:

// i18n.load.js
import { i18n } from "./i18n.core";

export default function load(request) {
  const locale = i18n.locale;
  const catalog = request(locale);
  i18n.load(locale, catalog);

💡 I need to add following lines on the top of each chunk, which contains internationalized messages:

const load = require('./i18n.load')
const request = locale => import(`./CHUNK_NAME.${locale}.json`);

For that I need to add ./i18n.load module as a dependency and ./CHUNK_NAME.${locale}.json as an async context.

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