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Created August 1, 2021 00:28
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godot javascript bridge
extends Node
func _ready():
# Call the JavaScript `new` operator on the `window.Array` object.
# Passing 10 as argument to the constructor:
# JS: `new Array(10);`
var arr = JavaScript.create_object("Array", 10)
# Set the first element of the JavaScript array to the number 42.
arr[0] = 42
# Call the `pop` function on the JavaScript array.
# Print the value of the `length` property of the array (9 after the pop).
# Retrieve the `window.console` object.
var console = JavaScript.get_interface("console")
# Call the `window.console.log()` method.
get_node("Output 1").text = "String len in Javascript:" + String(arr.length)
get_node("Output 2").text = "Arr[0] in JavaScript:" + String(arr[0])
get_node("Label2").text = JavaScript.get_interface("window").navigator.userAgent
func _on_Button_button_down() -> void:
var window = JavaScript.get_interface("window")
window.alert("Alert called from Godot Engine!! ")
func _on_Button2_button_down() -> void:
var window = JavaScript.get_interface("window");
var val = window.prompt("Input a number")
get_node("Output 2").text = "Prompted number" + String(val)
func _on_Button3_button_down() -> void:
var win = JavaScript.get_interface("window")"")
func _on_Button4_button_down() -> void:
var win = JavaScript.get_interface("window")
var div = win.document.createElement("div")
print("div", div)
div.innerHTML = "<div style='position: absolute; z-index: 6000; top: 50px; left: 100px; background-color:red;'>Hello World</div>"
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