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Last active May 29, 2020
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My npm setup, and useful global packages

(See also commands for Node.js development and debugging)

Useful commands

  • See all installed global packages:
    npm ls -g --depth=0
  • Update npm itself:
    npm i npm -g

Handy global packages

  • light-server (simple web server with live reload).
    Use it with a script such as:
    "watch": "light-server -s . -w '* # # reload'"
  • updtr (update all deps, conditional on checks passing).
    updtr --to latest -s caret -t 'npm t && whaveter && stuff'
  • Either npm-check-updates or npm-check (check for unused/old deps, and optionally update them too).
  • npm-merge-driver (Git merge driver to automatically solve conflicts in package-lock.json files).
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