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Created December 20, 2013 16:15
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def 'should generate index name #indexName for #index'() {
index.getName() == indexName;
index | indexName
new Index('x') | 'x_1'
new Index('x', OrderBy.ASC) | 'x_1'
new Index('x', OrderBy.DESC) | 'x_-1'
new Index(new Index.GeoKey('x')) | 'x_2d'
new Index(new Index.OrderedKey('x', OrderBy.ASC),
new Index.OrderedKey('y', OrderBy.ASC),
new Index.OrderedKey('a', OrderBy.ASC)) | 'x_1_y_1_a_1'
new Index(new Index.GeoKey('x'),
new Index.OrderedKey('y', OrderBy.DESC)) | 'x_2d_y_-1'
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