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Created November 10, 2014 10:03
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package com.mechanitis.talks.stayingahead;
import com.mongodb.DBCollection;
import org.mongojack.JacksonDBCollection;
import org.mongojack.WriteResult;
public class BadLambdas {
private final DBCollection database;
public BadLambdas(final DBCollection database) {
this.database = database;
public Response saveOrder(final Order order) {
DBCollection orders = database.getCollection("orders");
JacksonDBCollection<Order, String> collection = JacksonDBCollection.wrap(orders, Order.class, String.class);
return save(order, collection,
() -> Response.created(URI.create(order.getId())).entity(order).build(),
() -> Response.serverError().build());
private Response save(final Order order,
final JacksonDBCollection<Order, String> collection,
final SuccessHandler successHandler,
final ErrorHandler errorHandler) {
WriteResult<Order, String> writeResult =;
if (writeResult == null) {
return errorHandler.onError();
} else {
return successHandler.onSuccess();
private interface SuccessHandler {
Response onSuccess();
private interface ErrorHandler {
Response onError();
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mwanji commented Nov 11, 2014

Do you have the "Lambdas the right way" code anywhere? In curious to see it.

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