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Get the network names of a compute resource (IaaS)
// VMware vRealize Orchestrator action sample
// Get the network names of a compute resource (IaaS)
// For vRO/VRA 7.0+
// Action Inputs:
// vcacHost - vCAC:VCACHost - vRA IaaS Host
// reservationEntity - vCAC:Entity - Compute resource entity
// Return type: Array/string - Network names
if (vcacHost == null) return null;
if (computeResourceEntity == null) return null;
var networkNames = [];
var nicEntity;
var linkEntities = computeResourceEntity.getLink(vcacHost, "HostNics");
for each (var n in linkEntities) {
nicEntity = getNicEntityById(, n.getProperty("HostNicID"));
if (nicEntity) {
return networkNames.sort();
function getNicEntityById(hostId, id) {
var model = "ManagementModelEntities.svc";
var entitySetName = "HostNics";
var filters = new Properties();
filters.put("HostNicID", id);
return vCACEntityManager.readModelEntity(hostId, model, entitySetName, filters, null);
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