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Get all Catalog Resources associated with a vRA Catalog Item Request
// VMware vRealize Orchestrator action sample
// Gets all Catalog Resources (deployments, machines, etc.) for the given catalog item request
// For vRO/VRA 7.0+
// Action Inputs:
// host - vCACCAFE:VCACHost - vRA CAFE Host
// request - vCACCAFE:CatalogItemRequest - vRA Catalog Item Request
// Return type: Array/vCACCAFE:CatalogResource - the vRA Catalog Resources for the catalog item request
var requestId =;
var resources = vCACCAFEEntitiesFinder.findCatalogResources(host);
var catalogResources = new Array();
for each (var resource in resources) {
if (resource.requestId === requestId) {
if (catalogResources.length === 0) {
System.warn("Catalog Resource not found for the given Request.");
return catalogResources;
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