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[Windows 7] CNTLM and NPM behind NTLM proxy

CNTLM and NPM behind NTLM proxy on Windows 7


  • Install CNTLM in a folder where you have full rights to run it as administrator.

  • Open cntlm.ini and fill it :

Domain      YOUR_DOMAIN
Listen      53128


  • Open a console to generate password hashes :
> cd c:\the_install_directory_of_cntlm
> cntlm –c cntlm.ini –H
Password: ...type proxy password here...
PassLM          D6888AC8AE0EEE294D954420463215AE
PassNT          0E1FAED265D32EBBFB15F410D27994B2
PassNTLMv2      91E810C86B3FD1BD14342F945ED42CD6

Copy those tree lines behin Domainfield. !!! AGAIN, DON'T FILL THE PASSWORD FIELD !!!

  • Run the console as administrator and copy the following line to determine if the settings work :
    cntlm –c cntlm.ini –I –M You should have a success message. If not, check the previous steps.

  • (Optional, only if the "Start CNTML proxy" shortcut does not exist yet) Create start_cntlm.bat file where you want :

cd c:\the_install_directory_of_cntlm
cntlm -v -f -c "cntlm.ini"
  • Run start_cntlm.bat as administrator to start CNTLM service. Keep the console open. Closing it will stop the service.


  • Open a console and copy those 3 lines :
> npm config set proxy http://localhost:53128
> npm config set https-proxy http://localhost:53128
> npm config set registry
  • Start CNTLM service.

  • Every nmp command should work. You can try with :
    > npm view qunit

  • Enjoy.


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@genotrance genotrance commented Mar 31, 2017

Just use Px:

No need to provide any credentials - Px just authenticates as the logged in user. Super easy to setup and use and no worries of locking out your account cause you forgot to update the CNTLM.ini password hashes.


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@alflanagan alflanagan commented May 4, 2017

Thanks, worked like a charm!


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@rozaydin rozaydin commented Nov 17, 2017

Works great :) Thanks a lot


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@johnyesberg johnyesberg commented Apr 10, 2019

I was getting "I'm a teapot" errors until I changed the registry to use https instead of http as discussed at stackoverflow

npm config set registry

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