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Some quick notes for those looking to build Azure Stack nested inside vSphere
Start w WinSrv2016 base vm
12 core and 12 core per socket
128GB ram locked
expand disk to 256GB
add 2nd scsi controller with scsi bus sharing enabled.
add 4 x 256GB disks to 2nd scsi controller EagerThick with multi-writer enabled independent persistent (allows snapshot of boot disk)
add custom vmx prop hypervisor.cpuid.v0 to 0
Download the POC disk image via microsoft instructions. Extract vmxnet3 and pvscsi drivers to a directory. like c:\vmwaredrivers
edit line 87 of PrepareBootFromVHD.ps1
if ((get-disk | where {$_.isboot -eq $true}).Model -match ‘X')
Good time to snapshot the VM..
admin powershell prompt. Note the addtions for adding custom drivers
.\PrepareBootFromVHD.ps1 -CloudBuilderDiskPath C:\CloudBuilder.vhdx -ApplyUnattend -AdminPassword "PASSWORD" -DriverPath C:\vmwaredrivers
Once system reboots install vmware tools.
edit C:\CloudDeployment\Roles\PhysicalMachines\Tests\BareMetal.Tests.ps1
Line 376: Change ‘Should Be $false’ TO ‘Should Be $true’
Line 453: Change ‘Should Not BeLessThan $minimumNumberOfCoresPerMachine’ TO ‘Should Not BeLessThan 0’
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