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After reading this tweet I thought I'd write some thoughts on why I disagree with the idea that CSS is unrefactorable.

I've done this before. I've taken a huge app, with a fairly complicated Jenga tower of CSS using lots of SASS nesting and turned it into something clean and maintainable. It took time, it was difficult and it took lots of discipline, but it's doable. And yeah, this probably won't always work, but here's the approach I took.

  • Start by defining guidelines and a class naming system
    • How to structure files, what methodology you're using. Doesn't really matter which, but pick one.
    • Every time a new use case comes along where people are not sure how to apply the methodology, talk about it and document it as a use case
  • Have a styleguide
    • Helps maintain visual consistency
    • Helps with people not reinventing things all the time (sometimes it has to be done though)
trodrigues / twitlistmanager_labels.js
Created Mar 6, 2016
Bookmarklet for which places labels for lists next to each checkbox
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// Bookmark on your browser, then edit the URL and replace with the line below
javascript:(function (){ var titles = []; function doCol(colType) { $(colType).each(function(idx, item){ $(item).find('td').each(function(idxCol, col) { if(idxCol>1) { var html = col.innerHTML; col.innerHTML='<label for="'+$(col).find('input').attr('id')+'">'+ html +titles[idxCol-2]+'</label>'; } }); }); } $('tr.title .columnHead img').each(function(idx, item){ titles.push(item.getAttribute('src').split('=')[1]); }); doCol('.lightYellow');doCol('.rowData');})();
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// webpack.config.js
module.exports = {
entry: {
main: [
output: {
path: __dirname,
filename: '[name].bundle.js'
trodrigues / gist:173239e316afb91ac81f
Created May 28, 2015
timing reporter for jasmine
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var timingReporter = {
suites: [{
id: 'root',
description: 'Entire Suite',
children: []
getCurrentSuite: function () {
return _.last(this.suites);
trodrigues / gist:6cbe73943baae57e2e2a
Created Apr 6, 2015
Mocking all sorts of stuff in angular (assumes lodash exists)
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var mocks = angular.module('yourapp/mocks', []);
mocks.config(['$provide', '$controllerProvider', function ($provide, $controllerProvider) {
$provide.stubDirective = function (name, definition) {
$provide.factory(name + 'Directive', function () {
return [_.extend({
name: name,
restrict: 'A',
priority: 0,
}, definition)];
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trodrigues / gist:3220a4a3ed110f3b30cd
Created Feb 9, 2015
Running docker on a file watcher
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/* Dockerfile */
FROM nodesource/node:trusty
COPY . /src
VOLUME .:/src
RUN npm install -g watchy
RUN npm install
/* Build it */
docker build -t sdm_client .
trodrigues / gist:4aead044ab1a81f1cf02
Created Dec 5, 2014
Deep object diff matcher for Jasmine 2
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// use with
toEqualObj: function () {
var KINDS = {
'N': 'newly added property/element',
'D': 'property/element was deleted',
'E': 'property/element was edited',
'A': 'change occurred within an array'
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Loading a remote file through commonjs wouldn't be possible because commonjs is just the module format, not exactly a file loader. Require.js for instance is both: it's an implementation of the AMD module format AND a file loader. browserify for instance is just an implementation of the commonjs module format.

So you'd have to load the file separately, and when it's ready you could require it.

Let's say you have remote_module.js which goes:

exports.module = function(){};

and then somewhere else you'd have to do something like

View gist:0a8dd8ffd84cd4206c68
for i in `find sourcefolder -name "config"|grep ".git/config"` ; do
echo "[user]" >> $i
echo "\tname = First Last" >> $i
echo "\temail =" >> $i