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Project index

  • Namespace sixtyfps

    • ArrayModel - A Model backed by an array of constant size

    • ComponentHandle - The component handle is like a shared pointer to a component in the generated code.

    • ComponentWeakHandle - A weak reference to the component. Can be constructed from a ComponentHandle<T>

    • IntModel - Model to be used when we just want to repeat without data.

    • Model

    • Timer - A Timer that can call a callback at repeated interval

    • VectorModel - A Model backed by a SharedVector

    • Namespace sixtyfps::interpreter

      The types in this namespace allow you to load a .60 file at runtime and show its UI.

      You only need to use them if you do not want to use pre-compiled .60 code, which is the normal way to use SixtyFPS.

      The entry point for this namespace is the ComponentCompiler, which you can use to create ComponentDefinition instances with the ComponentCompiler::build_from_source() or ComponentCompiler::build_from_path() functions.

      • ComponentCompiler - ComponentCompiler is the entry point to the SixtyFPS interpreter that can be used to load .60 files or compile them on-the-fly from a string (using build_from_source()) or from a path (using build_from_source())

      • ComponentDefinition - ComponentDefinition is a representation of a compiled component from .60 markup.

      • ComponentInstance - The ComponentInstance represents a running instance of a component.

      • Diagnostic - Diagnostic describes the aspects of either a warning or an error, along with its location and a description. Diagnostics are typically returned by sixtyfps::interpreter::ComponentCompiler::diagnostics() in a vector.

      • DiagnosticLevel - DiagnosticLevel describes the severity of a diagnostic.

      • PropertyDescriptor - PropertyDescriptor is a simple structure that’s used to describe a property declared in .60 code. It is returned from in a vector from sixtyfps::interpreter::ComponentDefinition::properties().

      • Struct - This type represents a runtime instance of structure in .60.

      • Value - This is a dynamically typed value used in the SixtyFPS interpreter.

    • invoke_from_event_loop - Adds the specified functor to an internal queue, notifies the event loop to wake up.

    • Namespace sixtyfps::testing

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