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View OnThisDay.php
* Plugin Name: OnThisDay
* Description: shortcode for posts on the current day
* Version: 0.1
* Author: John Johnston
* Mostly borrowed from
* Author URI:
* License: GPL2
* License URI:
View feed-microcast.php
* RSS2 Feed Template for displaying RSS2 Posts feed.
* Modified for microcast
* Based on template found
$numposts = 50; // number of posts in feed
$posts = query_posts('showposts='.$numposts.'&cat=652');
View downloadWordPressMedia.scpt
--needs json helper for apple script Free from mac app store
set downloadfolder to POSIX path of (choose folder with prompt "Please select an output folder:")
set pagecountstart to 1
set pagecountmax to 1
set perpage to 10 --MAX =100
set blogurl to "FILL-IN-THE-URL"
View pinboardToLinks.scpt
View quicknote.js'data:text/html, %3Chtml%20contenteditable%3E%3Cstyle%3E%2A%7Bfont-size%3A20px%7D%3C%2Fstyle%3E','_blank')
//'data:text/html, <html contenteditable><style>*{font-size:20px}</style>','_blank')
View boos-to-blog.scpt
--mp3s have been downloaded and then uploaded to a folder on the web
--I could not manage to create enclosures on blog posts with AppleScript
global myBlogUsername, myBlogPass, myBlogPass, boonote, mp3uploadfolder, boojson
set myBlogUsername to "USERNAME"
set myBlogPass to "PASSWORD"
set boonote to "<em>This audio file was orginally posted to AudioBoo(m) with the mobile app. It has been downloaded and posted here since audioboom no longer supports free accounts.</em>"
set mp3uploadfolder to ""
set boojson to (read POSIX file "Users/john/Desktop/audioboom/johnjohnston.json")
View downloadboos.scpt
set downloadfolder to "/Users/john/Desktop/audioboom/edutalk/"
--so this next bit could be a loop but doing it manual was not much of a hassle
set pagecount to 9
set tag to "edutalk"
set itemcount to 100
tell application "JSON Helper"
set bURL to "" & tag & "/audio_clips?page[items]=" & itemcount & "&page[number]=" & pagecount
set boos to fetch JSON from bURL
set myFile to open for access "Macintosh HD:Users:john:Desktop:audioboom:edutalk_" & pagecount & ".json" with write permission
on alfred_script(q)
set myBlogUsername to "USERNAME"
set myBlogPass to "PASSWORD"
set cat to {category:{"Micro"}, kind:{"note"}}
set poststrut to {post_type:"post", post_status:"publish", post_format:"status", post_title:"", post_content:q, terms_names:cat, comment_status:"open"}
tell application ""
set myPosts to call xmlrpc {method name:"wp.newPost", parameters:{"1", myBlogUsername, myBlogPass, poststrut}}
return myPosts
end tell
end alfred_script
View micoblog_functions.php
<?php // Opening PHP tag - nothing should be before this, not even whitespace
updated 2018-01-29
this is just the stuff I've added to my child theme's function php
Hopefully most of the credits are noted below
View isRetina.scpt
on isRetina()
set ret to (do shell script "system_profiler SPDisplaysDataType | awk '/Retina:/{print $2}'")
if ret is "Yes" then
return true
return false
end if
end isRetina