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AppleScript to download mp3s with particular tag from AudioBoom. Also save json with post info to file
set downloadfolder to "/Users/john/Desktop/audioboom/edutalk/"
--so this next bit could be a loop but doing it manual was not much of a hassle
set pagecount to 9
set tag to "edutalk"
set itemcount to 100
tell application "JSON Helper"
set bURL to "" & tag & "/audio_clips?page[items]=" & itemcount & "&page[number]=" & pagecount
set boos to fetch JSON from bURL
set myFile to open for access "Macintosh HD:Users:john:Desktop:audioboom:edutalk_" & pagecount & ".json" with write permission
set boohoo to make JSON from boos
write boohoo to myFile
close access myFile
set imageCount to count of audio_clips of body of boos
set mp3urls to {}
repeat with boo in audio_clips of body of boos
set end of mp3urls to high_mp3 of urls of boo
end repeat
end tell
repeat with mp3 in mp3urls
set cmd to "curl -L " & mp3 & " > " & downloadfolder & filenamefromurl(mp3)
do shell script cmd
end repeat
return cmd
on filenamefromurl(theurl)
set s to "url=\"" & theurl & "\"; echo \"${url##*/}\""
return do shell script s
end filenamefromurl
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