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Mongoose multiple schemas in single collection
// Don't care much about inheritance at this point, but I'll probably attempt it at
// some point via cloning ancestor schema's
var mongoose = require('mongoose'),
Schema = mongoose.Schema;
var Contact = new Schema({
_type: String,
name: String
var Person = new Schema({
_type: {type: String, default: 'Person'},
name: {
first: String,
last: String
var Company = new Schema({
_type: {type: String, default: 'Company'},
name: String
Contact.methods.iam = function() { return 'Base'; };
Company.methods.iam = function() { return 'Company'; };
Person.methods.iam = function() { return 'Person'; };
var Base = mongoose.model('Contact', Contact, 'contacts');
var exports = module.exports = Base;
Base.Person = mongoose.model('Person', Person, 'contacts');
Base.Company = mongoose.model('Company', Company, 'contacts');
// Monkey path inheritance, seems to work
var init = Base.prototype.init;
init.Person = new Base.Person().__proto__;
init.Company = new Base.Company().__proto__;
Base.prototype.init = function (doc, fn) {
var obj = init.apply(this,arguments);
obj.__proto__ = init[doc._type];
return obj;

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fanghm commented Jul 13, 2016

Mongoose already supports multiple schemas for one collection:


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