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@trtg trtg/blink.c
Last active Oct 9, 2018

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msp430 launchpad sample code to blink LED 1

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HuanyuZang commented Sep 25, 2017

//set up bit 0 of P1 as output
P1DIR = 0x01;

I didn't see any evidence that shows bit 0 of P1 is chosen
If I choose bit 2 or 3? What's the code look like?


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karlpetersonn commented Dec 28, 2017

0x01 is in hex, in binary that's 0000 0001. So, what the line:
P1DIR = 0x01;
is saying is set bit 0 in port 1 direction register high. This sets the P 1.0 to an output pin.

If you said something like 2 or 3 the code wouldn't run because you are trying to output on P 1.0.

TI actually makes this a little easier by defined all the bits in header file so for example you could write this:
P1DIR |= BIT0;
Instead of:
P1DIR = 0x01;


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pvsivakrishna commented Oct 9, 2018

Can you pls give an idea regarding interfacing Bluetooth with msp430

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