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A simple example of writing a formatted string out to a file or to json in Dlang
import std.stdio;
import std.string;
import std.file;
import std.json;
static const auto HK_DB = "hk_db.json"; // this is the filename
// Use a formatting string to fill in values for this config file
static const auto HAP_SERVICE_DEF_FORMAT = "%s\n" ~
"_hap._tcp.\n" ~
"8008\n" ~ // XXX PORTNO should be configured
"c#=%s\n" ~
"ff=%s\n" ~
"id=%s\n" ~
"md=%s\n" ~
"pv=1.0\n" ~
"s#=%s\n" ~
"sf=%s\n" ~
"ci=%s\n" ~
"Priority=0\n" ~
"Weight=0\n" ~
"Port=8008\n" ~
// Ignoring that we don't have all of these variables defined, focus on the idea
// We fill the format string with values and write to a file
std.file.write(HAP_SERVICE_DEF_TXT, format(HAP_SERVICE_DEF_FORMAT, mdns_name, params["HK_CNUM"], params["HK_FF"], chomp(params["HK_ID"]), params["HK_MD"], params["HK_SNUM"], params["HK_SF"], params["HK_CI"], mdns_hostname)); // XXX Add exception handling
// Here's another example with json
static void write_hk_db(JSONValue jsondata) { // XXX If this is all we do, we don't need a special function
immutable jsonstr = jsondata.toString();
std.file.write(HK_DB, jsonstr);
static JSONValue load_hk_db() {
auto datastr = `{ "cnum" : 1, "snum": 1}`;
if (!exists(HK_DB.dup)) {
std.file.write(HK_DB, datastr); // XXX Add exception handling
writeln("HK_DB file does not exist, created, and wrote ", datastr);
} else {
datastr = std.file.readText(HK_DB);
writeln("HK_DB read ", datastr);
JSONValue jsondata = parseJSON(datastr);
return jsondata;

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@truedat101 truedat101 commented May 11, 2018

Note, the above won't compile, however, you can borrow the ideas, which are just really basic example of writing data out to a file. A little more robustness is needed. Also, writes are synchronous.

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