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GWJ SludgeHammer
// ==UserScript==
// @name SludgeHammer
// @namespace gamerswithjobs
// @description Replaces marketing speak with English
// @exclude /github/
// @author Chris Doggett
// ==/UserScript==
// Special thanks to Jeremy Banks at
var load,execute,loadAndExecute;load=function(a,b,c){var d;d=document.createElement("script"),d.setAttribute("src",a),b!=null&&d.addEventListener("load",b),c!=null&&d.addEventListener("error",c),document.body.appendChild(d);return d},execute=function(a){var b,c;typeof a=="function"?b="("+a+")();":b=a,c=document.createElement("script"),c.textContent=b,document.body.appendChild(c);return c},loadAndExecute=function(a,b){return load(a,function(){return execute(b)})};
function(event) // Great success!
loadAndExecute("//", main);
// something happened when loading jQuery from Google
function main()
// Add words and what they should be replaced with here
var buzzwords =
"client-driven": "sludge",
"profit focused": "sludge",
"new paradigm": "sludge"
for(var buzzword in buzzwords)
$("body *").replaceText(buzzword, buzzwords[buzzword]);
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