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Working from home
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After setting up git on your local machine and signing up to GitHub you will be required to supply your GitHub login details every time you tried to push to your remote repository, and that can be a really painful repetitive task you would not like to do. For newbies using git and GitHub, this is one thing that might have bothered you whenever you tried communicating with your remote repository.

In this article, I will walk you through the process I took to set up my local machine to connect to my GitHub repository using SSH access.

The first step will be to generate a new SSH key:

  • Open Terminal and paste the command below, substituting in your GitHub email address. This will create a new ssh key, using the provided email as a label.
 $ ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C ""

The Node development environment includes an installation of Nodejs and the NPM package manager the goal is to speed up the process involved in setting up your computer in order to start developing web applications.

I came up with this concise setup for a development environment, with this even a newbie can get his own environment up and running in minutes, the setup has some few essential parts:

  • Nodejs and NPM
  • Webpack, which comprises of webpack itself and webpack cli.
  • Eslint for automatically detecting linting errors in your code.

Ok let's get started:

truetechcode / Advice for those starting a career in tech in
Created December 18, 2020 10:33
This is advice for those starting a career in tech.
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Advice for those starting a career in tech in 2020
This is advice for those starting a career in tech.
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Now that you have decided you want to start a career in tech, congratulations, one of the most difficult decisions to take in life is deciding what career path to choose. A career in tech is an exciting and rewarding one but the journey into tech irrespective of the specific domain or stack can be slow and full of hurdles with a lot of price to pay and sacrifice to make, but then since you have decided you want to work in tech, you definitely are more than capable to overcome these hurdles. If you are determined to make 2020 count, put your best foot forward, I will highlight some things you can do to get you started: