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Slack is an instant messaging medium, allowing members to communicate with one another. This / orclapex Slack community was made public on the 20th October, 2015. To ensure it continues to run smoothly, it is important to set a couple of community guidelines that we expect participants to abide by. These guidelines have been set up to identify what is and isn't acceptable in the chat. This list is not final, and is subject to change over time.

Core values

  • Keep it friendly - we wish to foster a welcoming community promoting active discussion where everyone feels they can have their say. Which goes without saying abuse of any kind will not be welcome in this community. This includes and is not limited to: racial; sexual; disablility; physical appearance; age; reglious; and skill level. Always strive to be helpful, and be patient with users that aren't up to your skill level.
  • Keep discussion legal - please do not discuss illegal activities.
  • Stay on-point - A number of channels have been set up. Please try to target the correct channel when discussing or asking a question on a particular topic. If there is no relevant channel, you can ask in the #_general channel or request a new channel be created to foster that topic area.

    Please do not post the same question in different channels. If someone is able to help, they will - it is not a good idea to have two different threads going in different places on exactly the same point.
  • Do your research - We are not here to hold your hand every step of the way. Before asking step-by-step instructions on how to achieve a task, try and demonstrate what effort you have put in so far (or at which aspect you are stuck on). We consider a maximum of two questions per week appropriate (and, in the spirit of community, try also to return the favour by helping others where you can).

    It's useful if you can re-produce your issue on, often when manually reproducing the problem you are facing you will uncover your own issue - which aids in not flooding the community with daily questions.
  • Keep the discussion consise - Whilst we want to promote active discussion, this is not a technical discussion board - the APEX forums are there for that. If you have a complex problem, please post it in the APEX forums, this will help other people facing a similar issue be able to find it. At the same time, please don't feel like you can't ask questions on the chat, but it will be more suitable if it's for smaller/trivial issues; or if you don't get a response on the forum, then you can link it in to try and get the issue on the communities radar - we understand posts on the forums don't always get a response.

    If you feel it is fitting to post a large amount of text, please make uses of Slacks post feature, or alternatively to an online service such as pastebin, with a link to the paste.
  • Keep it open - Please keep the discussions in public channels. Technical questions are not to be asked in direct messages. This will allow others to chime in on a topic and see the resolution. On top of that, not everyone appreciates direct messages - especially if they don't know you that well.


As per the first core value of keeping in friendly, Offensive discussion - abuse, discrimination, harassment - of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes, and is not limited to:

  • Racial
  • Sexual
  • Disability
  • Physical appearance
  • Age
  • Religious
  • Skill Level

Be mindful of this when making any jokes. There will be a diverse range of people in the community, and someone else may take offense if the joke targets any of the identified abuse categories.

If you are the receiver of any abuse, please feel free to flag it with one of the owners or administrators in a private message. It can be a good idea to also grab a screenshot in the event the abuser removes their abuse before it can be verified. Administrators and Owners can be identified here:

We will aim to give you warnings so that you are aware your behaviour is not in line with the community values. If you continue to offer abuse, further action may be taken depending on the severity.

Advertisements / Spamming

Obvious spamming will not be tolerated. There are cases when it is acceptable to link into your paid product or service. In all cases, the product/service must be directly related to Oracle Application Express. Cases include:

  • Promoting a new release of your product or service
  • Release of a new publication (book, video)
  • If your product is able to help solve a persons problem. Please don't keep posting a link to the product if the user is not interested, though
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