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Spec for dashboard files for the Dashbored app for Apple TV.

Dashbored file specification

Dashboard files for the Dashbored app for Apple TV and iPhone are JSON files with a certain structure.

A dashboard file should be a JSON object with at least the keys title and sections, and optionally the key theme.


The title key should always exist and contain a string value of the title you want displayed at the top of the dashboard.


The theme key, when present, should be an object that may contain the following values:

	// Board styles
	"dashboardBackgroundColor": "#ff000",
	"dashboardBackgroundImage": "",
	"dashboardTitleColor": "#fffff",
	// From this line on everything is about sections
	"titleColor": "#000000",
	"textColor": "#666",
	"separatorColor": "rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2)",
	"backgroundColor": "#ffffff",
	"borderRadius": 5,
	"borderWidth": 1,
	"borderColor": "rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2)",
	"borderStyle": "solid", // or "dotted" or "dashed"
	"shadowColor": "#000",
	"shadowOpacity": 0.1,
	"shadowRadius": 3


The sections key holds a array of section objects. Each section is a block on the dashboard screen.

Each section object should have at least the following keys:

  • title: string, title of the sectoin
  • type: string, see below for valid values
  • size: integer value between 1 and 4
  • value: value, data type depends on section type, see below

Section sizes

Unlike most dashboards, you don't set the specific width and height of each block, but instead you set a single value named size. The size parameter can have a value ranging from 1 to 4. Dependent on the type of section and the relative sizes for each of the sections in a dashboard, the app will automatically fit them all on the screen.

Supported section types

Section type:

  • text: plain text (default), requires key value to be of type string
  • stat: number value/stat, requires key value to be of type number or string
  • barChart: bar chart, requires value to be an array of arrays with label and value: [["Wednesday", 3], ["Thursday", 5], ...]
  • horizontalBarChart: horizontal bar chart
  • pieChart: pie chart
  • areaChart: area chart
  • image: image view, requires value to be a string containing an HTTPS image URL
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