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Gnosis Safe creation fees
Number of owners Gas used Fee with gas price = 10 GWei Fee with gas price = 50 GWei Fee with gas price = 100 GWei
2 263k 0.00263 ETH 0.01315 ETH 0.0263 ETH
3 309k 0.00309 ETH 0.01545 ETH 0.0309 ETH
4 331k 0.00331 ETH 0.01655 ETH 0.0331 ETH
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nembal commented Aug 27, 2021

Hey, the Fee structure for the 10 GWei and 100 GWei are the same.

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Musashi13 commented Oct 19, 2021

They are not the same @nembal. There is an extra 0 for 10 GWei. Eyes playin tricks on you.

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cayash2008 commented Nov 11, 2021

At current gas price of ca.180, with 4 members how much will be the cost to create safe in Gnosis?

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nembal commented Nov 11, 2021

@Musashi13 ouch. now i go and stand in the corner. ty

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andyscraven commented Jun 11, 2022

@nembal your last comment made me smile!

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alokeutpal commented Nov 12, 2022


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