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What's Fresh

Who uses the backend

The backend of What's Fresh is designed for employees of the Oregon Sea Grant. They're the ones who enter new vendors, new products, etc.


Unfortunately, I've not received too much information on the vendors. From what I understand, they're independent fishermen/sea food vendors that are registered in some way with Oregon Sea Grant. Sea Grant then would enter them into the backend, and be responsible for updating their information if/when it changes.

An original stretch goal of the application was to create a POST API that would allow the mobile app to update the data -- essentially, allow us to create vendor accounts for vendors who could then update their own information. This is Issue #48.

The Oregon Coast

Home to lots of historic buildings, small towns, and wind! You'll find places like this:

Haystack Rock

(From this Instagram account)

Basically, it's really nice looking and a place that a lot of Oregonians go to for short vacations. It's close to the biggest city in the state (Portland, OR is about an hour and a half away from Seaside, OR).

Here's lots more that someone wrote up about the coast. Nothing too detailed, but essentially, it's nice :P


Users of the app will most likely rely on mobile networks the entire time they're at the coast, save for maybe wifi at a cafe or hotel.

For the two biggest carriers in the country (AT&T and Verizon), coverage generally wouldn't be an issue, except for small amounts of the drive through the mountains toward the coast. For users of the other two major carriers (T-Mobile (#3) and Sprint (#4)), coverage at the coast is less good. I don't have personal experience on Sprint, but on T-Mobile I only get 2G internet, which means that I could load the API just fine, most of the time. However, it's fairly unreliable -- sometimes, it just decides to not work.

Our "user stories" range from restaurateurs to foodies from the Willamette Valley. Personally, I'd most expect our users to be people from the Valley who are interested in checking out what kinds of things the coast has to offer.

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