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Eloquent runner repository implementation
declare(strict_types = 1);
namespace Infrastructure\Eloquent\Repository;
use Common\Id;
use Domain\Exception\RunnerNotFound;
use Domain\Model\Runner;
use Infrastructure\Eloquent\Transformer\RunnerTransformer;
class RunnerRepository implements \Domain\Repository\RunnerRepository
private $runnerTransformer;
public function __construct(RunnerTransformer $runnerTransformer)
$this->runnerTransformer = $runnerTransformer;
* {@inheritdoc}
public function getById(Id $runnerId): Runner
$runner = \Infrastructure\Eloquent\Model\Runner::find((string)$runnerId);
if (null === $runner) {
throw RunnerNotFound::forId($runnerId);
return $this->runnerTransformer->entityToDomain($runner);
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