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package main
import (
func main() {
// Set real Bitcoin network
Magic := [4]byte{0xF9,0xBE,0xB4,0xD9}
// Specify blocks directory
BlockDatabase := blockdb.NewBlockDB("/box/bitcoind_data/blocks", Magic)
start_block := 0
end_block := 275000
for i := 0; i < end_block + 1; i++ {
dat, er := BlockDatabase.FetchNextBlock()
if dat==nil || er!=nil {
log.Println("END of DB file")
bl, er := btc.NewBlock(dat[:])
if er != nil {
println("Block inconsistent:", er.Error())
// Read block till we reach start_block
if i < start_block {
log.Printf("Current block height: %v", i)
// Basic block info
log.Printf("Block hash: %v", bl.Hash)
log.Printf("Block time: %v", bl.BlockTime)
log.Printf("Block version: %v", bl.Version)
log.Printf("Block parent: %v", btc.NewUint256(bl.Parent).String())
log.Printf("Block merkle root: %v", hex.EncodeToString(bl.MerkleRoot))
log.Printf("Block bits: %v", bl.Bits)
log.Printf("Block size: %v", len(bl.Raw))
// Fetch TXs and iterate over them
for _, tx := range bl.Txs {
log.Printf("TxId: %v", tx.Hash.String())
log.Printf("Tx Size: %v", tx.Size)
log.Printf("Tx Lock time: %v", tx.Lock_time)
log.Printf("Tx Version: %v", tx.Version)
if tx.IsCoinBase() {
log.Printf("TxIn coinbase, newly generated coins")
} else {
for txin_index, txin := range tx.TxIn {
log.Printf("TxIn index: %v", txin_index)
log.Printf("TxIn Input: %v", txin.Input.String())
log.Printf("TxIn ScriptSig: %v", hex.EncodeToString(txin.ScriptSig))
log.Printf("TxIn Sequence: %v", txin.Sequence)
for txo_index, txout := range tx.TxOut {
log.Printf("TxOut index: %v", txo_index)
log.Printf("TxOut value: %v", txout.Value)
log.Printf("TxOut script: %s", hex.EncodeToString(txout.Pk_script))
txout_addr := btc.NewAddrFromPkScript(txout.Pk_script, false)
if txout_addr != nil {
log.Printf("TxOut address: %v", txout_addr.String())
} else {
log.Printf("TxOut address: can't decode address")
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