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{deps, [
{eleveldb, {git, "", {branch, "master"}}}
[{override, eleveldb, [
{pre_hooks, [{compile, "c_src/ get-deps"},
{compile, "c_src/"}]},
{post_hooks, [{clean, "c_src/ clean"}]},
{plugins, [
{pc, {git, "", {branch, "master"}}}
{provider_hooks, [
{compile, {pc, compile}},
{clean, {pc, clean}}

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commented Jun 3, 2015

I tried using this approach to compile elevedb and then tested it by loading the module in the shell
erl -pa ebin it gives the following error

1> l(eleveldb).

=ERROR REPORT==== 3-Jun-2015::12:01:07 ===
The on_load function for module eleveldb returned {error,
                                                    "Failed to find library init function: 'ebin/../priv/ undefined symbol: _nif_init'"}}

on the other hand it works well when compiled manually.

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