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{deps, [
{eleveldb, {git, "", {branch, "master"}}}
[{override, eleveldb, [
{pre_hooks, [{compile, "c_src/ get-deps"},
{compile, "c_src/"}]},
{post_hooks, [{clean, "c_src/ clean"}]},
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[{override, eleveldb, [
{pre_hooks, [{compile, "c_src/ get-deps"},
{compile, "c_src/"}]},
{post_hooks, [{clean, "c_src/ clean"}]}
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-export([run/1, process_state/1]).
main() ->
proc_lib:spawn_link(?MODULE, run, [hello]),
proc_lib:spawn_link(?MODULE, run, [goodbye]),
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# Based on from by Loïc Hoguin <>
PROJECT ?= $(notdir $(CURDIR))
PROJECT := $(strip $(PROJECT))
ERTS_INCLUDE_DIR ?= $(shell erl -noshell -s init stop -eval "io:format(\"~s/erts-~s/include/\", [code:root_dir(), erlang:system_info(version)]).")
ERL_INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIR ?= $(shell erl -noshell -s init stop -eval "io:format(\"~s\", [code:lib_dir(erl_interface, include)]).")
ERL_INTERFACE_LIB_DIR ?= $(shell erl -noshell -s init stop -eval "io:format(\"~s\", [code:lib_dir(erl_interface, lib)]).")
C_SRC_DIR = $(CURDIR)/c_src
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defmodule Hello do
def hello() do
IO.puts "good"
def hello(opts \\ []) do
IO.puts "hello"
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[date, "T", time, "",
{module, [
" mod=",
module], ""},
" ", message, EOL]
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Rebar3 Profiles


Often you want to build the same project in different ways depending on context, whether it be development or preparing for production deployment. Or you want some dependencies only for use in certain contexts such as running tests and don't want them conflicting with regular dependencies or bother to be fetched and built when not needed.

Those are some of the reasons we've introduced profiles.

Directory Structure

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λ ../rebar/rebar3 pkgs
Versions: 0.1.1
Versions: 0.0.9
Versions: 1.0.0
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λ ../rebar/rebar3 help release
Usage: rebar release [-n <relname>] [-v <relvsn>] [-g <goal>]
                     [-u <upfrom>] [-o <output_dir>] [-h] [-l <lib_dir>]
                     [-p <path>] [--default-libs <default_libs>]
                     [-V [<log_level>]] [-d <dev_mode>]
                     [-i <include_erts>] [-a <override>] [-c [<config>]]
                     [--overlay_vars <overlay_vars>]
                     [--sys_config <sys_config>]
                     [--system_libs <system_libs>] [--version]