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Get async celery results from nested subtasks as they complete
from tasks import task1
def get_results(queries):
query_procs = task1.delay(queries).get()
tasks = []
for query_proc in query_procs:
while tasks:
current_task = tasks.pop(0)
if current_task.ready():
yield current_task.get()
for result in get_results(['a','b','c']):
print result
from celery.task import task,TaskSet
import time
import random
def task1(queries):
return TaskSet(task2.subtask((query, )) for query in queries).apply_async()
def task2(query):
return TaskSet(task3.subtask(query) for _ in xrange(20)).apply_async()
def task3(query):
seconds = random.randint(0,10)
return query,seconds
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