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Unity Physicsの使用例
using Unity.Entities;
using Unity.Physics.Systems;
public class ItemGetSystem: ComponentSystem
private BuildPhysicsWorld buildPhysicsWorldSystem;
private StepPhysicsWorld stepPhysicsWorldSystem;
protected override void OnCreate()
buildPhysicsWorldSystem = World.GetOrCreateSystem<BuildPhysicsWorld>();
stepPhysicsWorldSystem = World.GetOrCreateSystem<StepPhysicsWorld>();
protected override void OnUpdate()
var physicsWorld = buildPhysicsWorldSystem.PhysicsWorld;
var triggerEvents = stepPhysicsWorldSystem.Simulation.TriggerEvents;
var items = GetComponentDataFromEntity<ItemTag>(true);
foreach (var triggerEvent in triggerEvents)
// PhysicsWorldに全ての物理演算で動くEntityが含まれる。
// triggerEventsには、Raises Collision Eventが有効なオブジェクトが接触イベントを格納する
// TriggerEventの中身を洗えば、接触判定が取れる
var bodyA = physicsWorld.Bodies[triggerEvent.BodyIndices.BodyAIndex];
var bodyB = physicsWorld.Bodies[triggerEvent.BodyIndices.BodyBIndex];
Process(bodyA.Entity, items);
Process(bodyB.Entity, items);
void Process(Entity entity, ComponentDataFromEntity<ItemTag> items)
if( items.Exists(entity))
UnityEngine.Debug.Log("you get item!");
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