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@tsubaki tsubaki/AnimationCopy.cs
Last active Aug 29, 2015

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using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;
using System.IO;
public class Copy
static void AssetCopy ()
// AnimationClipを持つFBXのパス
string fbxPath = "Assets/UnityChan/SD_unitychan/Animations/SD_unitychan_motion_Generic.fbx";
// AnimationClipのファイル名
string clipName = "GoDown";
// AnimationClipの出力先
string exportPath = "Assets/Clone.anim";
string tempExportedClip = "Assets/tempClip.anim";
// AnimationClipの取得
var animations = AssetDatabase.LoadAllAssetsAtPath (fbxPath);
var originalClip = System.Array.Find<Object> (animations, item =>
item is AnimationClip && == clipName
// AnimationClipをコピーして出力(ユニークなuuid)
var copyClip = Object.Instantiate (originalClip);
AssetDatabase.CreateAsset (copyClip, tempExportedClip);
// AnimationClipのコピー(固定化したuuid)
File.Copy (tempExportedClip, exportPath, true);
File.Delete (tempExportedClip);
// AssetDatabaseリフレッシュ
AssetDatabase.Refresh ();
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