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Last active Jan 20, 2020
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Wrap-up Report for Google Summer of Code '19

Google Summer of Code '19 Report

Project Details

Project: Apache Beam
Organization: The Apache Software Foundation

Student: Tanay Tummalapalli (
Mentor: Pablo Estrada (

Project: A Python Sink for BigQuery with File Loads in Streaming
JIRA Issue: BEAM-6611

This project's aim was to add support for File Loads method of inserting data into BigQuery for streaming pipelines.


The PR#8871 added support for file loads method of writing to BigQuery in streaming mode. It has been merged.
Since the main project finished before the estimated time, I worked on PR#9242 to harden the BigQuery file loads sink. It has been merged.

I also worked on other issues in Apache Beam during GSoC with the general area being BigQuery I/O. This work includes tests, documentation as well new PTransforms.
You can find the list of PRs I worked on here.

You can also find the Kanban board of things I worked on here.

Future Work

  • BEAM-8012 Optimize Streaming Inserts in BigQuery IO
  • BEAM-3759 Add full support for PaneInfo descriptor in Python SDK


It was a great learning experience working on Apache Beam. I got an opportunity to work with and learn from the best engineers in the world. I like the community that this project has. I'll continue to contribute to Apache Beam even after GSoC is over.

I'd like to thank my mentor Pablo. I learned a great deal from him and am grateful for this opportunity.
I'd also like to thank the amazing Beam community for being supportive and encouraging.

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