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VOCAB= ascii_uppercase+digits+punctuation+" \t\n"
#Change to CUDA to run using GPU
device = 'cpu'
def get_test_data(etfo):
text = etfo
text_tensor = torch.zeros(len(text), 1, dtype=torch.long)
text_tensor[:, 0] = torch.LongTensor([VOCAB.find(c) for c in text])
etfo = get_info('invoice.png')
# etfo = get_info('X51005621482.jpeg')
etfo = etfo.upper()
text_tensor = get_test_data(etfo)
temp = []
for i in range(len(text_tensor)):
if text_tensor[i]>=0 and text_tensor[i]<=70:
text_tensor = torch.LongTensor(temp)
#model initialization
hidden_size = 256
device= torch.device('cpu')
model = ExtractLSTM(len(VOCAB), 16, hidden_size).to(device)
result = test(model)

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@ttchengab ttchengab commented Oct 29, 2020

Can you tell me what is the pre trained model you have used in place of 'model.pth' in line 26

I used the checkpoint from the solution I talked about in this blog:


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@yasmineChelly-95 yasmineChelly-95 commented Nov 11, 2020

Hi, thank you for sharing this implementation code. I read your blog and I followed the steps correctly now I have the code running. However I think I chose the wrong model because I have poor results. I generated the 'model.pth' from this repo please correct if I'm wrong and if not did you use different data that gave you these good results ?


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@Vibha111094 Vibha111094 commented Dec 13, 2020

I am facing the same issue that yasmineChelly-95 has.
I am getting very poor results.
Can you please let us know if you used any different data or something?

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