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ttimasdf / Open iterm tab here
Last active March 1, 2020 17:49 — forked from eric-hu/Open iterm tab here
Apple script to open an iterm2 tab from right-clicking on a file or folder in Finder.To use:(1) Open Automator(2) Create a new service(3) Change "Service receives selected" drop downs to "Files or folders" in "Finder"(4) Select "Run applescript" from the sidebar, then paste this script in and save
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-- Adapted from these sources:
-- Modified to work with files as well, cd-ing to their container folder
on run {input, parameters}
tell application "Finder"
set my_file to first item of input
set is_folder to (do shell script "file -b " & quoted form of (POSIX path of my_file))
if is_folder ends with "directory" then
ttimasdf / awstats-nginx.conf
Last active August 31, 2021 22:44
Fancy&customized URL support for awstats with Nginx. Access through
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server {
server_name _;
access_log /var/log/nginx/awstats.access_log combined;
error_log /var/log/nginx/awstats.error_log;
root /usr/share/awstats/wwwroot;
index /;
location ~ \.pl$ {
ttimasdf /
Last active June 17, 2019 19:21
Migrate your OTA key, step by step guide


Migrate from self-built (test-key or dev-key) or Official Release from, to our self-signed builds, RETAINING DATA!!! and avoid the annoying error:

Can't install this package on top of incompatible data. Please try another package or run a factory reset


Apply the two patch accordingly, with command below. (Changed a little bit from 156047 and 162144

ttimasdf /
Last active August 10, 2017 02:47
My .zshrc with ohmyzsh and bullet train theme, includes various utilities for easy life
export ZSH=/Users/u/.oh-my-zsh
# Bullet train needs powerline fonts unavailable in VSCode
# ps -p `ps -o pid,ppid | awk "/^ *$$/ {print \$2}"` | grep -q "Visual Studio Code" && ZSH_THEME="random"
[[ -n "$VSCODE_PID" ]] && ZSH_THEME="random" || ZSH_THEME="bullet-train"
plugins=(git brew virtualenv osx zsh-completions)
# export UPDATE_ZSH_DAYS=13
ttimasdf / fix_virtualenv
Last active September 4, 2019 15:18 — forked from tevino/fix_virtualenv
Fix python virtualenv after python update, forked version for choice of python executable
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#!/usr/bin/env bash
ENV_PATH="$(dirname "$(dirname "$(which pip)")")"
SYSTEM_VIRTUALENV="$(which -a virtualenv|tail -1)"
echo "Ensure the root of current virtualenv:"
echo " $ENV_PATH"
read -p "‼️ Say no if you are not sure (y/N) " -n 1 -r
PYEXC_DEF="$(sed -n '1s/^#!//p' $SYSTEM_VIRTUALENV)"
read -p "🐍 Choose which python to use? [$PYEXC_DEF] " PYEXC
ttimasdf / cve.patch
Last active December 18, 2017 02:04
My cve-search patch
View cve.patch
diff --git a/sbin/ b/sbin/
index 4c904cf..37cd9c8 100755
--- a/sbin/
+++ b/sbin/
@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ from lib.ProgressBar import progressbar
from lib.Toolkit import toStringFormattedCPE
from lib.Config import Configuration
import lib.DatabaseLayer as db
+from time import time


  • Click on Help menu

  • Select Enter License

  • Then paste given KEY given at bottom

  • Finally click on Use License

ttimasdf /
Last active February 15, 2023 18:42
Integrate Git diffs and commits with Word DOCX files
ttimasdf /
Last active April 12, 2023 16:56 — forked from thomasfr/autossh.service
Systemd service for autossh


curl -sSL | \
  sudo tee /etc/default/autossh@example
curl -sSL | \
  sudo tee /etc/systemd/system/autossh@.service

sudo useradd -g nogroup -s /bin/false -m tunnel
sudo -u tunnel mkdir -p ~tunnel/.ssh # and copy your private key here
ttimasdf / shadowsocks-server
Created April 27, 2019 14:21 — forked from evianzhow/shadowsocks-server
shadowsocks-server OpenWRT init.d script
View shadowsocks-server
#!/bin/sh /etc/rc.common
# Copyright (C) 2016 Jian Chang <>
# Copyright (C) 2016 Evian Zhow <>
# This is free software, licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.
# See /LICENSE for more information.