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@tts tts/gist:5020276
Created Feb 23, 2013

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SPARQL query on a collection of audio files at Europeana
# 50 audio records from the SLS 2098 collection at Europeana
# SLS project page (in Swedish)
# Query adapted from
# (also included as an example at the Europeana SPARQL endpoint)
# Tuija Sonkkila 23.2.2013
PREFIX edm: <>
PREFIX ore: <>
PREFIX dc: <>
SELECT ?title ?mediaURL ?length ?source ?yr WHERE {
?resource edm:type "SOUND" ;
ore:proxyIn ?proxy ;
dc:title ?title ;
dcterms:extent ?length ;
dc:source ?source ;
dcterms:created ?yr ;
dcterms:isPartOf "SLS 2098" .
?proxy edm:isShownBy ?mediaURL .
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