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Brett Terpstra ttscoff

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ttscoff /
Created Dec 17, 2019
Fish completion for tm.bash
# ~/.config/fish/completions/
function __tm_has_no_args
set -l cmd (commandline -opc)
echo $cmd
return (test (count $cmd) -eq 1)
function __tm_has_windows
set -l cmd (commandline -opc)
set -l res (tmux list-windows -t $cmd[-1] 2>/dev/null >/dev/null)
ttscoff /
Last active Nov 11, 2019
Fish functions with commandline tricks
# Defined in /Users/ttscoff/.config/fish/functions/ @ line 1
function __prev_token -d "repeats last token on the command line"
set -l buffer (commandline -bo)
commandline -a " "$buffer[-1]
commandline -f end-of-line
# Defined in /Users/ttscoff/.config/fish/functions/ @ line 1
function __re_extension --description 'remove extension from word under/before cursor'
commandline -f forward-word
ttscoff /
Created Nov 9, 2019
bid command for Fish
# Defined in /Users/ttscoff/.config/fish/ @ line 240
function bid --description 'Get bundle id for app name'
set -l shortname (echo "$argv"| sed -E 's/\.app$//'|sed 's/\\\//g')
set -l location
# if the file is a match in apps folder, don't spotlight
if test -d "/Applications/$shortname.localized/$"
set location "/Applications/$shortname.localized/$"
else if test -d "/Applications/$"
set location "/Applications/$"
ttscoff /
Last active Nov 27, 2019
Brett's fish prompt, based on Bira
# biras_weird_cousin
# Theme based on Bira theme from oh-my-zsh:
# Some code stolen from oh-my-fish clearance theme:
# Adds a badge if we're in an SSH session (first letter of hostname, uppercased)
function __ssh_badge
set_color -b d6aeec -o 2a0a8b
echo -n " "(string upper (string sub -s 1 -l 1 (hostname -s)))" "
set_color normal
ttscoff /
Last active Dec 2, 2019
Brett's Fish Shell custom init file
function __should_na
set -l cmd (history --max=1|awk '{print $1;}')
set -l cds cd z j popd g
if contains $cmd $cds
function fallback --description 'allow a fallback value for variable'
if test (count $argv) = 1
ttscoff / linkmarks.rb
Last active Oct 11, 2019
A script to convert Bashmarks .sdirs file to Fish's Jump plugin symlinks
View linkmarks.rb
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# A script to convert Bashmarks .sdirs file to Fish's Jump plugin symlinks
sdirs_file = File.expand_path('~/.sdirs')
unless File.exists?(sdirs_file)
$stderr.puts 'Bookmarks file not found (~/.sdirs). Is Bashmarks initialized?'
Process.exit 1
marks = File.expand_path('~/.marks')
View brightness.rb
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Brett Terpstra 2019
# This script adds the ability to increment/decrement display brightness
# levels to the nriley/brightness CLI (Copyright (c) 2014-2019, Nicholas Riley)
# Requires CLI installation: `brew install brightness`
# See
CMD = "/usr/local/bin/brightness"
# Display usage and exit
def usage(code)

A CLI for by Brett Terpstra

Save the file below as bunch in your path. Run bunch -h for help.

CLI for
    -h, --help                       Display this screen
    -f, --force-refresh              Force refresh cached preferences
    -l, --list                       List available Bunches
    -o, --open                       Open Bunch ignoring "Toggle Bunches" preference
ttscoff / Example.bunch
Last active Jun 11, 2019
Sample .bunch file for
View Example.bunch
# Comments start with a hash symbol, blank lines are ignored
# Use @@ to hide all visible apps. Usually used at the top of the file
# before launching the rest of the bunch
# Apps to launch start at the beginning of a line, no
# need to quote or escape.
ttscoff / onsetapp.rb
Last active Aug 19, 2019
Check which Setapp Apps you could be using
View onsetapp.rb
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# encoding: utf-8
# Read /Applications/Setapp to get apps already installed
installed_setapp_apps = Dir.glob('/Applications/Setapp/*.app')! {|app|
# Grab the All Apps page from Setapp to get all available apps
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