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RxJs and window's postMessage for intercommunication
import * as Rx from "rxjs/Rx";
import * as uuid from "uuid";
import {IRequest} from "./common";
let button = document.querySelector("button");
let iframe = document.createElement("iframe");
iframe.src = "/proxy.html";
button.onclick = function() {
function request(url: string) {
const requestId = uuid.v4();
const req: IRequest = {
id: requestId,
payload: {
iframe.contentWindow.postMessage(req, "*");
return Rx.Observable.fromEvent(window, "message")
.filter((messageEvent: MessageEvent) => && === requestId)
.map((messageEvent: MessageEvent) =>;
import * as Rx from "rxjs/Rx";
import {IResponse} from "./common";
const messages = Rx.Observable.fromEvent(window, "message")
.filter((messageEvent: MessageEvent) => && !!;
messages.subscribe((event: MessageEvent) => {
const response: IResponse = {
event.source.postMessage(response, event.origin);

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@tuan tuan commented Nov 1, 2016

In this sample code, the host page proxy its request to an iframe.

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