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tuannguyenssu/BookService.cs Secret

Created Sep 26, 2019
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using MongoDBTest.Models;
using MongoDB.Driver;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
namespace MongoDBTest.Services
public class BookService
private readonly IMongoCollection<Book> _books;
private const string ConnectionString = "mongodb://localhost:27017";
private const string DatabaseName = "BookstoreDb";
private const string BooksCollectionName = "Books";
public BookService()
var client = new MongoClient(ConnectionString);
var database = client.GetDatabase(DatabaseName);
_books = database.GetCollection<Book>(BooksCollectionName);
public List<Book> Get() =>
_books.Find(book => true).ToList();
public Book Get(string id) =>
_books.Find<Book>(book => book.Id == id).FirstOrDefault();
public Book Create(Book book)
return book;
public void Update(string id, Book bookIn) =>
_books.ReplaceOne(book => book.Id == id, bookIn);
public void Remove(Book bookIn) =>
_books.DeleteOne(book => book.Id == bookIn.Id);
public void Remove(string id) =>
_books.DeleteOne(book => book.Id == id);
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