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Last active October 7, 2020 14:47
Accessing Firefox update logs
  1. Type about:config into the URL bar
  2. Search for app.update.log
  3. Set its value to true
  4. Open the Browser Console (Control/Cmd+Shift+J, or Hamburger Menu->Web Developer->Browser Console)
  5. In the Filter textbox at the top, enter AUS:SVC to filter out everything except the update messages
  6. Attempt to trigger an update in Firefox by going to the Preferences page or the Help->About Firefox window
  7. Now that you have only update related messages, you can copy the messages out of the Browser Console
tublitzed / AUS logs
Created April 28, 2020 13:54
NightlyDebug logs when forcing a failed update
AUS:SVC Creating UpdateService
AUS:SVC Logging current UpdateService status:
AUS:SVC UpdateService.canCheckForUpdates - able to check for updates
AUS:SVC getCanApplyUpdates - testing write access /Users/tublitzed/Library/Caches/Mozilla/updates/Users/tublitzed/HG/mozilla-central/obj-ff-dbg/dist/NightlyDebug/update.test
AUS:SVC getCanApplyUpdates - bypass the write since elevation can be used on Mac OS X
AUS:SVC getElevationRequired - recursively testing write access on /Users/tublitzed/HG/mozilla-central/obj-ff-dbg/dist/
AUS:SVC getElevationRequired - able to write to application bundle, elevation not required
AUS:SVC gCanStageUpdatesSession - testing write access /Users/tublitzed/Library/Caches/Mozilla/updates/Users/tublitzed/HG/mozilla-central/obj-ff-dbg/dist/NightlyDebug/update.test
AUS:SVC gCanStageUpdatesSession - able to stage updates
AUS:SVC getElevationRequired - recursively testing write access on /Users/tublitzed/HG/mozilla-central/obj-ff-dbg/dist/
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Last active March 7, 2017 13:01
Week 6 homework, Mason's class

Week 6 Homework

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