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Okay so here's the thing I'm going to try and clearly and unselfconsciously narrates through my deck of slides in the hopes that I'll end up with the bones of the speech that I can present tomorrow morning so thank you to the emerging writers Festival and two, for inviting me along to speak on what is a niche of a niche in the very small section of the literary and online community that thinks that comprises the people who are a on twitter be interested in robots and see you intend on doing something about so her
about year or so I've been pursuing an interest in what generally has become known as twitter bot our this my contribution to the field has been to set up an account under the name of boss Ally and over the months but Ally has followed sort out and follow a large number of automated accounts on now but allied himself or herself is relatively rudimentary box and it will retweet at intervals from bots that follows takes its name from
If you had any experience with twitter bots often most people their experience with twitter bots go so far as those implausibly attractive those accounts with implausibly attractive female avatars and it is generally fit the seem to exist for the purposes of bolstering following accounts and re-tweaking various plastic sheets
If you experience with twitter runs a little deeper you properly came across what is arguably twitter's most famous member of twitter bot horsey books all the books was an account that ran from sometime in 2010 also through to the end of 2013 able to Earth seem to comprise brief fragmentary snippets of text
Of course there was ultimately revealed that all the books was for all this cultural inspiration and the way in which it entered the Internet lexicon to be the work of two conceptual art Jason Dewar and Thomas Bender also responsible for the you Tube channel pronunciation book this was caused much consternation among bookmaking community or of how I'd community that takes its name
several looking to the literary possibilities of twitter bots what better place to start than with the bar I am Shakespeare is a durational project by Strobel in which the complete works of Shakespeare are tweeted at intervals
Of course the text from which you draw your sources doesn't necessarily have to be literary or certainly have to be from the published text professor at the University of Mary Washington Zach Whalen has created wrong text which takes as its source the coded contents of a selection of arcade game code
One of the nice things about twitter is that it exists as a platform for people and things side-by-side in a way what makes twitter so interesting and such a fruitful environment for this kind of regular literary experimentation is that what researcher Loblaw TK has turned a mixed reality set down in its original use the term was
Or you can take the source text above make a Hazard source text mode notes external but the superset of an entire whatever the word for caucuses misses being the ongoing project of Adam parishes every word which has been running for several years and has spawned numerous imitators and offshoots the Dutch either word blah blah blah
The RFU barring a view additional characters inserted to get around to it as limitations on things such as the letter D spending through direct message every letters of every letterbox output may be seen to be very similar to this: from 2K
In fact the text from which a bottle draws need not exist outside with an all not only can the boss serves as a publisher but also as an assembler of text one such assembler is made for a minute metaphor minute by Darius Kazemi Boston programmer inspired by Ian Bogost decorated ontology of the in writing about in this blog is any thoughts about having to trying to make a point about metaphor
Of course this being the Internet there is never a case cannot be generalised so in response to a slew of singleserving phrase makers like XYZ etc we get snow climate
You can do the same job of filling in the blanks with extent and explicit explicitly literary texts various forms of poetry in particular has taken to this new TwitterBerry environment and we can insert
Inside doing work coming at production of literary texts in much the same manner as Raymond quinolone was a name his right views per month
the rival schemes were difficulty with his song me me of the poems series of 10 sonnets of 14 lines sliced and diced into sizes are such that they could be arranged near infinitely or communities makes no odds with take course again
Course again taking this can see further one ends up with something like Boras is a library of Babel in which every possible text that might exist exists and this is an incredible undertaking but if it is ever to be achieved it seems it will be through, punitive rather than human literary endeavour this example is not some of his test what is best work
Because the great thing about as you start to introduce greater sophistication into your word selection you can start to build arguably more interesting outputs or at least outputs changed to certain outcomes that is the case with private dollars add to what we start a reasonable simulation of their jokes on twitter
Discussion we can be achieved through various programmatic means there are resources and code libraries into which one compliant that gives your twitter bot and understanding or at least an appearance of understanding of variety of grammatical constructs and nations parts of speech rhyme and meter word
(something about why Twitter is a good place to robots earlier on)
And then once you have the ability to get both rhyme and meter you can build something like Ranjit's content wrong which retweets rhyming cupboards from the twitter stream creating some form of endless and endlessly interesting endlessly fascinating endlessly banal internal poll round his work is also notable for the fact that we have access to the file is one of the few twitter users list to decide firehose the other things about Kent amateur on is that the work load produces isn't any individual tweet but rather the assemblage of all of these specific tweaks in this specific order is a publication takes the form of the stream and not of a series of discrete units this is one interesting things and this is maybe where we can talk about anything even though the example is probably outdated
So if were not simply re-presenting existing content in a new context of twitter nor are we playing the kind of man lives in what other ways are there are playing around with text on twitter
Matters bots can incorporate other data sources into their practice they can also use make use of other services for instance session Wheelers Babel versus takes as its source the Bible and Mikhail D Foreman's to Katie Will the former DEF Martin agency Mena
You can also hybridise existing text such as Mark Sample smoky stick a matter of Rob Delaney and novels cetacean opus cetacean openness and this juxtaposition later comedy and it interesting that with a bottle of comic because of a-I why maybe because commonly use the easiest route to relevance or shared ability
All to return to our godfather of bomb-making.S Killeen youth six words sale producing endless emotionally charged but more commercially accurate versions of Hemingway's short short story
Darius say is responsible for two headlines which is talked about in terms of being a nearer future dystopia… UK in which brands are investing more from individuals actors in the network… Again, you offered what lizards but not always comedy
The news is fertile ground for play on twitter partly because of the services the family of generality and concentration on but now so we see with cider prefix FAQ local branch of Molly OX 5/7 silently fixer its arise at the same things as the lines through an entirely different means
Enemies are all likely cut-and-paste
half-30 if we want a forum sophisticated means of generating text from source we have to look to back chains Markov chains tk how they work Jeff Atwood.about how simple they are and they are one of the ethics Elizabeth me is the way that they inclined towards retaining specificity of texts
And so back to the bar once again experience tweets Shakespeare is tweets there are divisions of some buyers in order for them to register as Shakespeare
Then the fun really starts when you build a box that is able to respond in real-time to the corpus of texts comprised by your most recent set of tweets every product is one Marco Cheney is another year we see our esteemed director reflected it himself through the lens of the algorithm Paternoster phrase
When things get really interesting which we started seeing himself side of the hits are two headlines is when the butter able to operate within minutes within the network whether it be through engaging with users or through other things
Course just by being by dint of being non-Demon doesn't mean the boss can't be a false and that is the case with red scare bot he's obnoxious incessantly trolling or mentions however tangential of communism incessantly alert for Rotunda that dated their economy
#Is to training hashtags to deliver those who are not those who twitter is a small place rather big place any effects can cause another of the irises creations which… A moratorium on jokes on easyJet
I rebound Gardens and now imagine Bob does something similar again with the juxtaposition that the function of the fact that with tweets as so brief that you like the enough to fit into concepts is a global network of dreaming developing
Ms similar vein Rob Dublin TK what does it mean to have a #11 N Evans to never let go of the best mediocre joke in the first place and just telephony algorithm continuance course is
Many of them what could only rates initially: bothered all but is instead almost a storytelling microcosm or at least a conversational microcosm inside of the larger network of twitter itself fixed exchange of 4 AM anonymous visitors interactions between human users whether this takes place within direct messages so it's a one-to-one rather than a one to many or a public version
Finally we come back to evil white boxes live boxes especially when both report that grows it as a Turing test
Darius opens the possibility of brokenness and indeed this is found throughout the course of injections on the network to another club won't to change the rules aimed box of breaking all the time but none quite so poetically is persistently that all surveyors and directors five-year delayed auto who place the auto tweeting or those which already finish up
To finish up to close a few thoughts on what making as part of as much as upstairs literary objects one of the nice things or the great discoveries of the past 12 months has been a community of like-minded practitioners working at varying levels of expertise which brings us to no money in it
Drinkers exercised Rob.uncreative regenerator makes names dinosaurs of distant planets for random followers in response readiness annoyed at not being chosen made available to boundaries and excess oils ever y few minutes in order until such time as enabling Robin Sloan's own spin on this was to create a lowrise and so on and so on
80 thank you
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