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How to couple Sass and CSS Var

How to couple Sass and CSS Var

If you use Sass extension, you can work with CSS variables.

First, let's create our css variable.

  --MyColor: #5966D2

Now, our Sass variable by calling the css variable

$MyColor: var(--MyColor)

Call our variable in a class.

  background: $MyColor

The CSS result look like this:

\:root {
  --MyColor: #5966D2;

.class {
  background: var(--MyColor);

Our Sass variable not work in a rgba element. But you can cheat by using this trick:

  --MyColor-RGB: 89, 102, 210

  background: #{'rgba(var(--MyColor-RGB), .5)'}

Have fun!


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@robert-neacsu robert-neacsu commented Jul 14, 2018

Thank you for sharing this :)

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