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Helper to create .flowconfig module name mapper
#!/usr/bin/env node
* Flowtype understands Node (or Haste) imports but not Webpack.
* Many codebases have webpack set up like:
* src/foo.js
* src/components/Bar.jsx
* And then import them like `require('foo')` or `require/components/Bar.jsx`
* Flow doesn't understand this by default. A solution that used to work was to convince
* it that `src` was a source of Node modules (
* In Flow 0.57 they introduced an optimization to "only check the files in
node_modules/ which are direct or transitive dependencies of the non-
node_modules code." (
* Because the trick above made Flow think your app modules were another source of node_modules,
* now the app source would not be focused either. You could see this in Flow logs by
* almost all app files being omitted from the "focused" count.
* A working alternative is to explicitly define `module.name_mapper` directives for each
* child of your root directory, to tell Flow how to resolve those files. (Thanks to
* for the idea.)
* This script generates the directives you need in [options] of your `.flowconfig`.
* Set ROOT_APP_DIR if yours is not src/.
const fs = require('fs');
const path = require('path');
const ROOT_APP_DIR = 'app/j';
const files = fs.readdirSync(ROOT_APP_DIR);
const jsList = [];
const dirList = [];
for (const filename of files) {
if (filename.startsWith('.')) continue;
const isDirectory = fs.statSync(path.join(ROOT_APP_DIR, filename)).isDirectory();
if (isDirectory) {
} else {
const moduleName = path.basename(filename, '.js');
console.log(`# Generated by with root ${ROOT_APP_DIR}`);
const dirMatcher = dirList.join('\\|');
`module.name_mapper='^\\(${dirMatcher}\\)\\/\\(.*\\)$' -> '<PROJECT_ROOT>/${ROOT_APP_DIR}/\\1/\\2'`
`module.name_mapper='^\\(${dirMatcher}\\)$' -> '<PROJECT_ROOT>/${ROOT_APP_DIR}/\\1/index'`
const jsMatcher = jsList.join('\\|');
console.log(`module.name_mapper='^\\(${jsMatcher}\\)$' -> '<PROJECT_ROOT>/${ROOT_APP_DIR}/\\1'`);
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